Grilled cheese sandwich, slit in half so that the cheese is oozing out.


Here's a little secret: Meal plans are not just for students who live on campus. In fact, we love commuters. So much so that we've designed a variety of plans to fit the varied lifestyles of off-campus students. See which is the best fit for you and learn how you can make a difference as a member of the Food Advisory Committee.



Commuter Meal Plans Link. Image features a student eating on the go by the General Academic Building.

Students who live off campus, in fraternity/sorority houses, and in non-required dorms may choose any Commuter Meal Plan or any Resident Meal Plan.









Resident Meal Plans link. Image features various plates like a vegan panini, fresh apple slices, and various tossed sautéed vegetables.WHERE TO EAT ON CAMPUS

With an array of convenient locations, a mind-boggling variety of well-prepared food made from whole ingredients, and suprisingly good prices, you're never far from a great meal at UNT.








Summer Plans Link. Image features a salad with lettuce, green peas, chicken cubes, diced tomato, boiled egg, and shredded cheese.

We're here for you with affordable summer meal plans with the same great 'made-from-scratch food' you love.









Food Advisory Committee Link. Image features two students engages at the Food Advisory Committee Meeting.

A group of students that meet monthly with the executive dining team to discuss food and dining-related concerns and/or suggestions.