Departmental Food Card


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The Departmental Food Card is a no-hassle method for UNT departments to bill food purchases from University dining locations to an Internal Department Order (IDO).  


Please note:

1. Your department is responsible for any and all charges. If your card is lost or stolen, please contact us at 940-565-2462. We will cancel your card and provide a replacement.

2. We will send an IDO with each month's charges. For a breakdown of charges by location, please send a request to, specifiying the month needed.

3. To create an IDO, please complete the form below. Your EUID and initials are your electronic signature.

4. You are required to follow all university policies and procedures when using this card ⁠— in regard to the purchase of food, as well the regulations set by your department.

5. You will be contacted by email when your card is ready for pick up from the Welcome Center, #237. Please bring a state issued ID or driver's license.


Questions? Contact our department coordinator, Suzan Cruz at 940-369-8223 or


Those who use the card should be aware that:

  1. This card will be tax-exempt.
  2. This card can be used at any Dining Services location. This includes all Dining Halls, all Retail Locations and Avesta. No outside vendors will accept this card as a form of payment.
  3. If the card is lost or stolen, it will be the responsibility of the Department to contact us for cancellation. We will provide a new card at that time.


Departmental Food Card Example



Departmental Food Card Registration