DS Creative

an exemplary in-house marketing team

For DS Creative, no two days are the same. Our team of hard-working creatives are constantly polishing the look and feel of UNT Dining Services to make campus dining an unforgettable experience.  Just like how the food served on campus is made by UNT for UNT, we handle all our sales and marketing in-house with projects of all sizes, like producing labels and packaging for retail products or branding an entire dining facility. From marketing to social media and customer service, DS Creative works ambitiously to bring big ideas to life.

Join our team!

If you’re a skilled graphic designer, talented videographer, skillful photographer, social media whiz, customer service pro, or love handling production tasks, please email your résumé, examples of your work, available work times and preferred number of hours to work each week to

Please note that all student employees must have a valid U.S. drivers license and be available to work at least 12 hours from Monday – Friday, between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m.


I enjoyed my time at DS Creative and I learned so much from working there! It helped me gain technical and interpersonal skills that helped ease my transition to work as a full-time designer. I loved working on large-scale projects and being able to see my work out in public. It felt so rewarding to be in a Retail location or Dining Hall and think, “Hey, I made that!” Everyone in the office is so friendly. It makes working a lot easier, and you don’t feel afraid to ask questions once you get comfortable.

Jaina W – Designer

You don’t get looked down upon by the full-timers (as a student would at some jobs) and you’re treated like an equal and with respect. You can talk with your coworkers, listen to music, etc. as long as work is still getting done. Questions and open communication are encouraged, so if there is something going on professionally or personally you can talk to any of the full-timers and they will try to help you. This is probably one of the best work environments I’ve been in. This job was fun and really contributed to the college experience.

Andres G. – Production

I really loved becoming part of the welcoming community of the office, and I have thoroughly enjoyed and appreciated my time with the Dining Services creative team. This has been, by far, the most positive job experience I’ve had so far, and I have learned so much about being a designer in the real world vs. in the classroom where every project should strive to be award-winning. This was much more realistic and provided important context to my educational and career journey. I’ll miss being here while I’m preoccupied with classes, but I plan to keep in touch and hope to work with y’all again in the future. Thank you for a great summer!

Cuinn C. – Designer
Student | B.F.A., Communication Design, UNT College of Visual Arts & Design

Working as a student at UNT Dining taught me professional skills outside of what I was learning in the classroom. This helped me stand out amongst recent graduates in my field, as well as getting the chance to work with great people who are there to support you along your professional journey.

Lee R. – Designer
Graphic Designer, TBD | B.F.A., Communication Design, UNT College of Visual Arts & Design, 2021

Design at Dining Marketing gave me a huge leg up on my career goals. Working as a Student Designer allowed me to gain practical design studio skills with a flexible schedule and delicious subject matter. At Dining Marketing, I was mentored through the sides of a design career you don’t learn in the classroom — the “real life” experience. Gaining speed, skill, and studio workflow experience helped me to secure internships and be successful in them. Skills I first picked up here have been valued at every team I’ve been on since. Working on a small but involved team, I had the opportunity to work on everything from photography and signage to animation and ice sculptures. Dining Marketing was a rewarding start to my design career, and prepared me well for my next steps.

Madeline O. – Designer
Designer, The Shop | B.F.A., Communication Design, UNT College of Visual Arts & Design, 2020

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