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UNT Dining Services

Welcome Center, Room #237 ۰ 1417 Maple Street ۰ Denton, TX 76201

Mailing Address: 1155 Union Circle #305068 ۰ Denton, TX 76203-5017

Peter Balabuch

Executive Director, Dining Services

Derrick Cripps

Sr. Director, Operations and Residential Dining

Communications, Sales & Marketing

Bryant Canzoneri

Creative Director

Kaitlyn Mullan

Lead Graphic Designer

Jessica Matsumori

Project Manager

Suzan Cruz

Senior Program Project Coordinator, FoodPro; Meal Plan Administrator

Our Chefs

Matthew Ward

Executive Chef, Residential Dining

Benito Gavirio

Executive Chef, Verde Catering and Union Kitchen

Bill Hunter, CEPC®, CMB

Executive Pastry Chef, Clark Bakery

Pierre Thilliez

Patisserie Chef de Cuisine

Dining Halls


Brennon Turner

Asst. Director, General Manager


Sarah Kettelhut

Asst. Director, Chef General Manager

Eagle Landing

Rodrigo Blanquet Suarez

Asst. Director, Chef General Manager

Kitchen West

Brennon Turner

Asst. Director, General Manager

Mean Greens Café
& Mean Green Acres Hydroponic Farm

Cris Williams

Asst. Director, Chef General Manager


Kayla Jones, MS, RD, LD, CSSD

Director, Sports Nutrition, Dining Services

McKayla Madison, MS, RD, LD

Registered Dietitian, Dining Services

Retail Restaurants

Sandeep Basu

Director, Retail Restaurants

Tina Barrera

Assistant Director, Retail Restaurants

Verde Catering

Mike Sood

Director, Verde Catering and Union Kitchen

Shelley McGinnis

Assistant Director, Verde Catering

Bailey Garrison

Coordinator, Verde Catering

Have Catering questions? Direct them here:

Avesta Restaurant

University Union, 2nd Floor

Hours of Operation

Finance, Payroll & Employee Relations

Souzan Zangeneh

Director of Budget and Operations

Valerie Govan

Accounting Coordinator

Essence Williams

Payroll & Employment Manager

Finance, Budget & Operations