Meal Plans

How do I use my Meal Plan?

Meal Plans are added to UNT ID cards, and the ID cards are swiped at the register at any of our Dining Halls or Retail Restaurants.

You are responsible for protecting your UNT ID card and are liable for unauthorized purchases. Lost or stolen cards should be reported to the ID card office in the Eagle Student Services Center and Dining Services (940-565-2462) immediately so that the missing card can be deactivated.

If someone uses the Plan(s) on your lost or stolen card, please file a report with the UNT Police ( immediately so they may investigate. Monitor usage of your Meal Plan online at any time.

Where can I get a Student ID card?

ID cards are issued by UNT ID Systems in the Eagle Student Services Center (ESSC) #105. You must notify Dining Services (940-565-2462) once you receive a new ID card so that your Meal Plan Membership can be transferred to the new card. It takes at least one hour for new ID information to update across all UNT systems, but your Meal Plan will be accessible via your new card immediately after you call us.

How do I buy a Meal Plan?

All Meal Plans are purchased online. Look for the PURCHASE NOW button at the top of this page.

Then, log in using your EUID and password and follow the prompts. Meal Plans are billed to your MyUNT account and may be paid using financial aid, scholarships, installments, credit card and other forms of payment.

Students who live on-campus will have the option to select their Meal Plan when applying for Housing.

How much does a Dining Hall meal cost?

No Meal Plan? No problem! See our Standard Door Rates for specific prices for Dining Hall meals.

We accept major credit cards, Flex and contactless mobile payment (including ApplePay, GooglePay and other contactless transactions that utilize an NFC chip).

Can I take food out of a Dining Hall?

Bruceteria, located inside Bruce Hall, is the exclusive location providing the To-Go Meal option for breakfast and lunch periods through May 10 as trial.

All guests who dine at our other 4 Dining Halls may enjoy all-you-care-to-eat dining and may visit the serving line as many times as they choose. We work hard to balance our commitment to sustainability, avoiding food waste, guest health and safety, and keeping your Meal Plan prices as low as possible.

Students on our Unlimited Meal Plans and those with Flex Plans can use Flex at our 20+ Retail Restaurants (Starbucks, Chick-Fil-A, etc.), which offer an array of takeout and grab-and-go options. Additional Flex can be purchased online at any time.

Can I let my friends use my meals?

Meal Plans that are charged per-visit (a fixed number of swipes) may be used to treat a Guest to a meal in a Dining Hall. Unlimited Plans may not be used for Guests.

Flex may be used to treat Guests in Dining Halls and Retail Restaurants. Simply pay the Standard Door Rate.

Where can I eat on the weekends?

Typically, one Dining Hall and several Retail Restaurant options are open on the weekend during the long semesters. We recommend bookmarking our Hours of Operation page as hours may vary on holidays and during summer sessions and special events.

What are the hours of Retail Restaurants?

The Hours of Operation page is the best source for our hours. We promptly update it any time there is a change to our hours of operation.

I have a lot of classes at Discovery Park. Will my Meal Plan work there?

Flex may be used at Discovery Perks Grill and Discovery Perks Market.

Dining Hall swipes may be used at Discovery Perks Grill at Discovery Park for a Discovery Perks Grill Combo Meal (daily entrée + side + fountain beverage).

Are freshmen required to have a meal plan?

All first-year student rooms on campus and some Upperclassman rooms on campus are bundled with a Meal Plan. See Dining Services Policies for more information. Simply select your Meal Plan when you apply for Housing.

Meal Plans are optional — but recommended — for Upperclassmen living in Honors, Legends, Mozart and Traditions, and all other UNT students living off-campus, including graduate students. Check out our Meal Plans and purchase one today.

How many weeks are in a semester?

17 weeks. Check the UNT Academic Calendar for more details.

Where can we eat if there is a university closure due to inclement weather?

During inclement weather, a Dining Hall will open for meal services. Special hours will be published to

How can I change my Meal Plan?

Some Meal Plans may be changed during specific timeframes. See the details for your Plan at To request a change, please complete our Change Request Form.


What kind of food is served in the Dining Halls?

Our Dining Halls serve a wide variety of healthy, made-from-scratch dishes. Each offers a constantly rotating selection of entrées, sides, salads and desserts. Our professionally-trained Chefs provide creative menus and frequent special celebrations.

Bruceteria: Centrally located and offering all your homestyle favorites daily, Bruceteria is popular and well-loved by the entire UNT community. Enjoy everything from scratch-made pasta and pizza and to a full vegan line.

Champs: Located near Apogee Stadium and other Mean Green athletic facilities, Champs is especially popular among student athletes thanks to its focus on sports nutrition. Perfect for all students with active lifestyles.

Eagle Landing:  Eagle Landing is our new, state-of-the-art food hall. One swipe offers your pick(s) of a wide array of cuisines—from Latin fusion to home-style favorites, from Asian-inspired dishes to Italian classics and more. Eagle Landing will also be home to a separate Retail venue where you will find delicious grab-and-go options.

Mean Greens Café: Proudly holding the title of the first 100% vegan Dining Hall in the country, Mean Greens at Maple Hall isn’t just for vegans and vegetarians. It has a campus-wide reputation for satisfying healthy, plant-based fare.

Kitchen West: West Hall is home to Texas’ first university Dining Hall Certified Free From™ the Big 9 Food Allergens and Gluten. Our culinary team crafts delicacies that are free of allergens, yet still full of flavor. The familiar home-style goodness we serve up in every dish and the array of incredible desserts will keep you coming back for more.

What if I am on a special diet?

Our Dining Halls serve a diverse catalog of over 4,000 menu items and recipes, covering a wide range of dietary needs, including allergen-free, vegan/vegetarian and athletic nutrition.

Students with a condition that requires a special diet may request a Special Diet Meal Plan. Please contact for more information. Requests must be received by 5pm on the semester’s Census Date.


Can first-year students work in Dining Services?

Yes! Working for UNT Dining Services is a great way for first-year students to get valuable work experience. We employ more than 1,000 students across all of our locations including our five Dining Halls, 20+ retail restaurants, central bakery, catering, and more. Students have the opportunity to learn transferable skills such as customer service, time management and cash handling that are useful for almost any career. Find more information at


Who can I contact for more information?

We are available to assist you Monday to Friday from 8:00 a.m – 5:00 p.m. when the university is open. You may also contact us at 940-565-2462 and