Dining Services Policies

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The Dining Hall entry price paid by Guests who do not have a Meal Plan is the Standard Door Rate.


  • Shoes and shirts are required to enter.

  • Swimsuits and cleats are prohibited.

  • Outside food or beverages are not permitted.

  • Dining Halls are dine-infacilities. All food must be consumed inside the Dining Hall.  

  • All food, glasses, dishes and silverware must remain in the Dining Hall.



Meal Plans


Students living on campus may select your Meal Plan when applying for Housing. Charges will be included in your Housing bill on your MyUNT account.

All other students will purchase Meal Plan online. Charges will be posted to your student account and payments will be made through MyUNT.

It may take 3-5 business days for Meal Plan charges to be posted to MyUNT, however, you may begin using your Meal Plan more quickly. See “Activation” below.


If purchased prior to the start of the semester, Meal Plans will be activated according to the dates set for the specific Meal Plan. If purchased after the start of the semester, new Meal Plan Membership purchases will be approved and activated twice daily, Monday – Friday, at 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. Students will receive an email notification when their Membership has been activated and is ready to use.

If purchased outside of normal business hours, Meal Plan Memberships will be activated by 9 a.m. the following business day.

To request immediate activation, students may call 940-565-2462 during normal business hours (Monday – Friday 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. when the university is open).


Meal Plans are added to UNT ID cards, which are swiped at the Dining Hall cashier desk for each entry into a Dining Hall or at the retail cashier when paying by Flex. 

Lost or stolen cards should be reported to ID Systems in the Eagle Student Services Center. Members may also file a complaint with UNT Police for stolen cards. We recommend Members notify Dining Services of new ID cards to ensure their Meal Plan Membership has been transferred to the new card. 

Dining-related UNT ID card malfunctions should be reported immediately to the Dining Services Office at 940-565-2462. Failure to report malfunctioning meal cards will not result in reduction of Meal Plan charges. 

Failure to eat meals in the Dining Halls or to use Flex by the last day of the Meal Plan period will not result in reduction of Meal Plan charges. 


Meal Plans that are charged per-visit (counted swipes) may be used to treat a Guest to a meal in a Dining Hall. Unlimited Plans may not be used for Guests.
Flex may be used to treat Guests in Dining Halls and Retail Restaurants. Simply pay the Standard Door Rate.
Students may not hand their ID to another individual. Meal Plans may only be used by the student named and pictured on the UNT ID card.


Simply Swipes, Kitchen West and Declining Balance carry over semester-to-semester, and the value of any remaining balance is refundable by request within 365 days after the last use. After one year of inactivity, the Membership will expire. Once expired, a Member’s Plan will become ineligible for use or refund. 

Eight's Enough, Five to Thrive and Everyday Unlimited or Weekday Unlimited Plans (known as "term-based" or "Semester" Dining Hall Plans) do not roll over and are active for that semester's dates only. There are no refunds for expired Eight’s Enough and Five to Thrive meals. Once activated, these Plans are refundable in very limited circumstances. Contact Dining Services for details. Semester Dining Hall Plans may only be changed to other Semester Dining Hall Plans.  

Flexible Plans do not roll over and are active for that semester's dates only. The unused balance of Flexible Plans is eligible for refund through 11:59 p.m. on the "Last day to withdraw for 100% refund" as listed in the Refunds for Withdrawing From Session schedule set by Student Financial Services. Flexible Plan Bonus funds are not refundable. Expired Flex is not refundable.  

Refund requests for Chef's Combo and Build-your-own-combo Plans will be processed "à la carte," that is, by applying the refund processes outlined above to each individual Plan that comprises the combination. A student may request a refund of one or both components of a Combination Plan. 

Unused Summer Flex rolls over from Summer 5W1 to Summer 5W2, and expires at the end of Summer 5W2.  

Exchanges of Meal Plans will be processed by first refunding any qualified balance of the original Plan then charging the full cost of the new Meal Plan to the student's myUNT account, which may result in a credit or additional charge. It may take 5 business days for changes to be reflected on myUNT. 

To request a refund or exchange, please submit the Exchange Request Form.  

Membership Expiration

Qualifying Plans purchased on or after May 1, 2020 may be refunded upon request within 365 days after the last use. After one year of inactivity, the Membership will expire. Once expired, a Member’s Plan will become ineligible for use or refund. 




All Freshmen living on campus (regardless of hall selection), with the exception of those living in Greek housing, must select any Unlimited Meal Plan when applying for Housing. 

On-campus housing, dining, and student life facilities are a vital part of the process of educating students at the University of North Texas. In support of institutional goals of promoting education and personal welfare of students, all first year college students are required to live in on-campus residence halls. View entire UNT policy at https://policy.unt.edu/policy/07-008   


All rooms in the following residence halls are bundled with an Unlimited Meal Plan Membership:  

  • Bruce Hall 

  • Clark Hall 

  • Crumley Hall 

  • Joe Greene Hall 

  • Maple Hall 

  • McConnell Hall 

  • Rawlins Hall 

  • Victory Hall 

  • West Hall 

Meal Plans are optional – but recommended – for Upperclassmen living in College Inn, Honors, Legends, Mozart, Santa Fe and Traditions, and all other UNT students, including graduate students. They are eligible to purchase any of our Meal Plans. 



There is no exemption from the financial obligation of a mandatory Meal Plan. Dining Services cannot accept requests for financial hardship exemptions. 

Students may contact Student Financial Aid & Scholarships and the Student Money Management Center to explore possible options.


There is no exemption from the financial obligation of a mandatory Meal Plan.   

Students with a condition that requires a special diet may request a Special Diet Meal Plan Conversion. Please contact Dining@unt.edu for more information. 

Requests must be received by 5pm on the semester’s Census Date


Dining Services’ Packed Lunch program is a Meal Plan accommodation available to Resident Meal Plan Members when they are unable to access Dining Halls during regular meal hours due to class or work conflict.

Packed Meals typically include a sandwich, condiments and fruit.

Once approved, Packed Lunches may be picked up from the front entrance cashier at Champs or Bruceteria Monday – Friday between 7:15 a.m. – 6:30 p.m. Regularly-scheduled Packed Meals continue for the duration of one semester. Students must reapply each semester.

Failure to pick up two regularly-scheduled Packed Lunches will result in suspension of the Packed Lunch accommodation. To resume the program, speak with the Dining Hall manager.

To request a Packed Lunch, please complete this form.

When submitting the form, you will be asked to submit the following:

  1. Current class/work schedule that shows your time constraints.

  2. A note from your instructor and/or work supervisor to confirm this schedule and that they currently serve as your instructor or supervisor.

If approved, the Chef General Manager of Champs or Bruceteria will contact you to schedule your first pickup. Requests may take up to 2 business days to process.


Carry-out sick trays are available to Resident Meal Plan Members who cannot visit a Dining Hall due to illness.

  1. Student requests the Resident Sick Tray Form from their RA.

  2. Student completes the form and return to their RA. The Community Director will approve/deny the request.

  3. The front desk clerk will provide a disposable container to the RA.

  4. The RA will visit a Dining Hall with the container, student’s ID card and proof of approval, then deliver the meal to the student’s room.

For questions related to the Sick Tray process, please contact your RA or UNT Housing & Residence Life at 940-565-2610. Dining Services does not approve requests for sick trays.

Faculty/Staff Meal Plans 

Effective May 1, 2020, full-time, benefits-eligible Faculty/Staff or Retirees of UNT and the UNT System may purchase a Faculty/Staff Meal Plan.   

Faculty/Staff Simply Swipes and Faculty/Staff Declining Balance purchased on or after August 1, 2020 may be refunded upon request within 365 days after the last use. After one year of inactivity, the Meal Plan Membership will expire. Once expired, the Plan will become ineligible for use or refund. 



Policies subject to change.