Career-building Internships

with an exemplary in-house marketing team

Enhance your résumé and your skills with real world experience on campus. Just like Dining Services’ food is made from scratch, so is our marketing. Our creative team is led by UNT Communication Design alumni (and we have several Comm Design students on part-time staff), our office is set up in many ways like an agency and we constantly push to send great work into the world. We’re state employees but produce work that doesn’t look it comes from the government. Our design work has helped our department win multiple dining awards and has been featured in LogoLounge.

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Apply: Sept 1 – Oct. 31

Interviews: Nov. 1 – 15

Hire: Nov. 16 – 30

Start: Start of Spring semester or before

End: Week before Finals

Hours: 12 – 25 hours/week

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Apply: Feb 1 – March 31

Interviews: April 1 – 15

Hire: April 16 – 30

Start: Start of Summer or before

End: Week before Summer II Finals

Hours: 12 – 25 hours/week


Apply: May 1 – June 30

Interviews: July 1 – 15

Hire: July 16 – 31

Start: Start of Fall semester or before

End: Week before Finals

Hours: 12 – 25 hours/week

Graphic Designer sketching logo

Internship Credit

If this job will fulfill the requirement for an internship class you are taking, please submit the form(s) and any additional information needed once you are hired. This will ensure that DS Creative provides adequate opportunity for you to meet all the requirements for the class.

Who Will Get Hired?

We hire based on business needs, so the number of interns we employ varies semester to semester. Because we're dedicated to producing great work, we hire students with fantastic portfolios and great attitudes.

Long-term Employment

Interns who perform well may be offered a part-time position after the internship ends. This option also varies based on business needs.


Bryant Canzoneri (’04)

Creative Director