DS Creative - Additional Design

Mean Green Acres

Mean Greens is home to Mean Green Acres, a hydroponic garden built inside a specially designed, upcycled freight trailer behind the Dining Hall. At any given time, five to eleven different varieties of lettuce and herbs are grown in the container, allowing UNT Dining Services to produce up to 750 heads a week for Mean Greens Café and other Dining Halls on campus — all on about one gallon of water per day!


Mean Green Acres drastically reduces food shipments and impacts the university’s carbon footprint. We’re proud to produce non-GMO greens with superior flavor — grown from organic seed stock in an organic growing medium.


In addition, Dining Services entered and won a donation from Diamond Eagles to purchase a second container, which is now housed outside of Kerr Hall. DS Creative designed the external wrap, picked out paint colors and designed signage to make the space compelling to pedestrians and campus visitors.