The Market by Clark Bakery (coming soon)


As a branding project, the Market went smoothly because we had a very clear vision of what we wanted for this brand and for this space. Our inspiration phase greatly influenced the end product, including brands like Sofra, Saltadena and Ondla Market. We also had the privilege of working with an interior that had already been designed, and the architects successfully created a sleek and sophisticated retail concept. Our visual goal was to compliment what the architects and interior designers developed, while also making the brand pop on every surface it would be placed. 

The Market concept encompasses three main attractions: coffee, bakery and fresh on-the-go products. Our branding solution needed to accommodate each of these, and we landed on earthy greens and yellows and contemporary typeface choices. The symbols of the three main attractions–bread + leaf + coffee bean–are influenced by the popularity of mono-weight stroke illustrations while maintaining a sharper, more timeless edge.