We appreciate our student employees

We received over 80 nominations and messages of thanks from managers for Student Employee Appreciation Week in 2023, not counting the hundreds of messages from customers that we display daily from our Text & Tell System.

Thank you again for everything that you do to make UNT Dining Services great!

Dining Halls
Avesta & Verde Catering

Dining Halls


Ruthvik '23

“Ruthvik has been a key part in our operations at Bruceteria for the last two years. He stepped up to learn pasta production which the students all love. When our full-time pasta employee departed, Ruthvik was more than willing to step up and help. He sets a great example for others and always has a smile on his face. We could not have asked for a greater student worker. He will be missed by all, and it will be difficult to find someone with the same work ethic as he portrays.”

Eagle Landing

Dhwani '23

“Dhwani is one of our awesome team members here at Eagle Landing. She is a great team player, always willing to work any position or task given with a smile. She has a positive attitude and gives great customer service to our guests.”

Cherishma '24

“Cherishma is another valuable asset to Eagle Landing, always smiling, either in the dish station or anywhere else. She is determined every single shift to make it a better day. Once 10 a.m. strikes, she is ready to perform temperature logs, and check if the dish station is cleaned.”

Sai Pavan '23

“Pavan is one of our awesome Bamboo Basil cooks. He always shows up to work ready for action. He loves serving our guests with a big smile on his face. He helps train others and has a positive attitude. Pavan is a great team player here at Eagle Landing.”

Bharath '23

“He is one of our star performers, he knows how to work efficiently and how to delegate work to his coworkers. He can open and cook in every single station as well as beverage, dish and production.”

Sai Sruthi '24

“Sruthi is just like a headache pill, she takes the pain away. She shows up for her shift, turns on all equipment and starts to get the food ready for the station to open, regardless of sleepless study nights, with a smile on her face.”

Mean Greens Café

Brianna '24
Kunal '24
Navya '24
Pavan '24
Stephan '25

“These students have exceptional work ethic and help train their fellow new student workers with the same extraordinary skills they possess. These students have shown leadership, independence, teamwork, positive attitudes, resilience and business sportsmanship. Their assistance in our everyday operations has been a tremendous help.”

Retail Restaurants


Gayatri '24

Gayatri’s attitude is infectious; when she’s on a shift, the whole team works harder. Not because she has to say anything, but because she, like all people worth following, leads from the midst of battle. She inspires everybody around her to put in the extra effort to make sure that things are not only done, but done correctly. She takes pride in everything she does and emits such a sense of joy when she masters a task. Yet, she never hesitates to ask a question, or help another student with a humbleness that begets confidence and open lines of communication. It has been a blessing watching her grow in her confidence and find a place within the team.

Mary '25

“Mary is the absolute best! Not only is she the hardest worker, but an overall great human. She has the kindest heart. She always has a kind word for our guests as well as staff!”

Karthik '24

“Karthik is our own ray of sunshine! He always has a smile on his face and is willing to do whatever we ask, without fail. He always goes above and beyond!”

Einstein Bros. Bagels

Sumanth '24

“Sumanth is a baker at Einstein’s. Baking is a core part of our operation and starts bright and early at 6 a.m. every day. Sumanth always shows up on time and with a smile on his face ready to tackle the day. Anytime I feel as if we are running behind, he assures me all will be prepared on time and correctly. He is sure to do things the correct way. Good job Sumanth!”

Sainath '24

“Sainath is a baker as well. Sainath also shows up every morning ready for anything. He is very energetic and is diligent in making sure we have everything we need before opening. He will also finish his tasks and go help his peers on the line to help get orders out faster. Without these two I wouldn’t make it in the morning.”


“Rashmitha is a cashier, and a prime example of what a valuable employee should be. She is always here a couple minutes early and demonstrates a strong knowledge of operations. She knows it all! Whether she is smiling, helping out a customer, delegating line orders, making coffee, or handing out orders, she makes sure to go above and beyond. She sets a great example to other employees.”


“Vineeth is also a cashier. He is another core part of our operation, making sure everything gets handled. Vineeth has been trained on every station and knows when to jump in and help his peers to get the job done. He is always busy doing something and shows strong customer service skills. He is always smiling and happy to be here each day!”


Naveen works on the line. He is graduating at the end of this semester and will be greatly missed. Naveen shows up every single day and is very knowledgeable about running the line as well as the coffee station. He goes above and beyond each day to make sure our customers are getting their order in a timely manner.”


“Aakash also works on the line. He is also very knowledgeable in our day-to-day operations. He is very quick and handles pressure very well. He will also help in other areas as needed anytime.”


“Srishti is another top performer, as she knows every position at Einstein’s. She really is a Jill of all trades! She always has a smile on her face and will help with any tasks that need to be done daily. She also has very good customer service skills and excels at making guests happy.”

Fuzzy's Taco Shop

Rohith '23

“Rohith is a student supervisor this semester and plays a key role in Fuzzy’s being opened for the day on his shifts. He takes pride in his work, and has a positive impact every shift he works.”

Mani '23

“Mani is also a student supervisor this semester and is a HUGE support at night on his shifts.  It takes a special kind of person to be here until 1am or later on all their shifts! Mani’s attention to detail makes a great difference!”

Snehita '23

“Snehita’s positive energy is palpable on the shifts she works! She is loyal, dependable, and super compassionate even if it’s just about tacos! She values her integrity. She’s one of the most trustworthy student employees we have!”

Charan '23

“Charan will do anything and everything you ask with a smile. I never have to worry about unfinished business if he’s on shift, as he’s one of our most hardworking employees!”

Ravindra '23

“Ravindra is always willing to lend a hand and help his co-workers, with a positive attitude. Shifts run very efficiently when Ravi is there.”

Campus Chat Food Court

Indhumathi '23

“Indhumathi is a reliable employee for the food court, especially Mia’s. She sets an example for her co-workers, even helping her manager, Esme, with work orders.”

Vamsi '23

“Vamsi is my right hand man, and he gets the job done when I need it. He helps with truck orders, but when he isn’t on the computer, he also helps at Flattop Grill to make sure it runs smoothly when we have a lot of customers.”

Jagarlamudi '23

“Jagarlamudi is a responsible, proactive and engaged worker. He helps with training new hires and is very kind to customers, helping them with an issue or ensuring their orders are completed. We really appreciate having him on the team.”

Manasa '23

“Manasa shows good dedication when working. She’s most exceptional because she doesn’t wait for her supervisors to tell her what to do, and she shows that she knows what she’s doing.”


Nikitha '24

“Niktha loves to help everyone out, hates to be bored and always finds anything to do in the store.

Rachana '24

Rachana is a hard worker, and she doesn’t need anybody to tell her what to do. She is always on time and always expanding her knowledge in our work space.

Shiva '24

Shiva is definitely the class clown of our work space! His positive energy brings a nice jolt to our team, and we love the hard work he gives us.

Tejaswini '24

Talk about the best swiss army knife of CFA, Tejaswini is your gal! Her work ethic is unmatched and she can knockout any task we give her!”

Jacob '24

The Expo EXPERT. Jacob is our glue connecting our kitchen and front of house. He maintains the flow of business and it’s all speedy because of his dedication to the job!

Discovery Perks

Ayyapa '23

Parimi works so hard. He does everything and more! Very dependable, reliable and always smiling! I will miss these guys!”

Bhardwaja '23

“Brad, as he is known, does every job in our operation. He helps in the coffee shop, the grill line, prepping, cleaning and restocking! He is an asset to our operation!”

Sumanth '23

Sumanth Rao is an exceptional student worker. He takes on all responsibilities in our operation! He is a leader amongst his peers!”

Corner Store

Sridevi, Smitha, Abhinava, Shyam, Brianna, Aja & Adithya

All of these students are reliable and hard working. We don’t have to give them instructions when they come to work—they know what to do and get the job done!

They always show up on time, have great customer service, delegate work to other students and even help us count inventory for truck orders. These students are very helpful to our team, and we will definitely miss the ones that graduate in a few weeks! Thank you guys for all of your hard work!

Café G.A.B.


“She is a large asset to our team. She is hardworking and a reliable student, always supporting us. Her performance is outstanding. She always takes care of things without having to be told. I am so glad to have her on our GAB team.”

Avesta & Verde Catering


Adi, Nandini, Mouna & Sushma

“As a team they have helped Avesta transition to new processes and changes, promoted teamwork and helped train other student employees. Verde Catering, and especially Avesta, would not function the same without their help and contributions to the team.”

Verde Catering

Bhargavi '23

“Bhargavi is one of my lead student star performers. She knows how to delegate tasks to her peers. She is well trained on the catering side but also on Verde Everyday production. She never complains no matter how busy we are, and she always wants to get things done as quickly as she can without compromising the quality and presentation of the product.”

Sai Sumana '24

“She is a fast learner and she is stepping up. She will be my next student lead because she has the attitude of a good leader, and she knows very well how to direct her peers.”


“All three of these students are leaders for our Catering team. They all work diligently and efficiently and always provide excellent service for our guests. Abhishek and Anirudh are leaders for our catering events. We can rely on them to lead and train our new student employees, and they help ensure our events run smoothly. Adi is one of our student leaders in Avesta. He always ensures that the students and staff that dine with us are well taken care of. We appreciate all three of these students very much!”

Union Kitchen


She is one of my best student workers, she goes above and beyond the expectation set for her. She comes to work and knocks out her tasks. She is constantly asking for more tasks.

Sai Seshu

She is another top performer. The quality of her work is amazing, always executing perfectly. You will find her finished product in the food court, corner store and other retail stores across campus. I call her the “Rainbow Pinwheel Queen”. Rainbow pinwheels and wraps are her favorite product to make.”


“She is one of our valuable assets in our kitchen, she knows all Verde production, whether you throw her on sandwich, sides, even salad production. No matter how much we are producing we still see a smile on her face. She is an amazing student worker.”


Finance & Payroll

Favour '23 & James '23

“Both students have been outstanding since they joined our Dining Administration group in July 2022. We appreciate them for consistently being hard-working assistance to our operations as they have always displayed such positive attitudes and diligence in completing daily tasks. During a transition of our employment operations and taking on new procurement functions, Favour and James continue to devote themselves to their responsibilities. They have demonstrated such quick adaption and excellence through many fast-paced challenges within a growing and evolving department.”

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