Summer 2021 Meal Plans 




Summer Flex $250 


Summer Unlimited Everyday 

Summer Flex $100 









Summer Flex Plans are active May 3 – August 6, 2021.

Summer Unlimited Plans are active 5Week1 (May 30 - July 2, 2021) or 5Week2 (July 3 - August 6, 2021).


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☞ Summer Flex 



What you get:  Flex Dollars are an easy-to-use, cashless payment method accepted at every Dining Services venue on campus, including your favorite Retail Restaurants like Starbucks and Chick-fil-A.  

Where: Any Retail Restaurant, Dining Hall and Discovery Park

When: Anytime Dining Services venues are open during the Summer. 

How: When asked for your payment method, tell the cashier you’re using Flex and swipe your Student ID. 

Why we love it:When you purchase Flex, we add in a Bonus, giving you even more Flex Spending Power. The more Flex you purchase upfront, the more you’ll save on every meal. 

Good to know:  Monitor your Flex balance online. Sales tax is charged at the time of Meal Plan purchase so you won’t be charged sales tax at the register when using Flex. 


Available for purchase anytime. Each Flex Plan may be purchased up to 4 times through August 6, 2021. Unused Flex expires on August 6, 2021, regardless of purchase date. Refunds are available prior to the first use of a Summer Flex Meal Plan membership. Bonus Funds are not refundable. Expired Flex is not refundable. Prices with tax: $256.55 and $105 respectively. 


Flexible Plan
You pay
Total Flex spending power

Flex $250







Flex $100













Even more reasons to love Flex:

  • Convenient - all you need to carry is your student ID.

  • Use Flex instead of cash or credit cards.

  • Members can add Flex at any time.

  • Great budgeting tool that is 100% dedicated to meals.

  • Perfect for snacks on-the-go and late-night eats.

  • Use Flex to eat at any Dining Hall by paying the Standard Door Rate.

  • Our most Flexible way to save on Retail Restaurants AND Dining Hall meals


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☞ Summer Unlimited Everyday Plan 

 $615 (includes $20 Flex)


What you get: Unlimited Dining Hall access plus Flex for a 5-week Summer session. 

Where: Everywhere! 

When: 7-days-a-week during the 5Week1 (May 30 - July 2, 2021) or 5Week2 (July 3 – August 6) Summer session. 

Why we love it: Food Insurance! Never worry about your next meal with unlimited access into our Summer Dining Hall plus your choice of Flex to use at our Retail Restaurants. 

Good to know: Running low on Flex? Add more at any time with a Summer Flex $100 or $250 Plan. Unlimited Everyday Plans are available for purchase anytime. Unused Flex expires on August 6, 2021, regardless of purchase date. Once activated, these Plans are refundable in very limited circumstances. Price with tax: $665.74 per 5-week session.



Unlimited access to the Summer Dining Hall 

with $20 Flex

$615 per 5-week session 









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Summer Unlimited prices do not include sales tax, which will be charged at the time of Plan purchase. 
Meal Plan exchange and refund policies vary by Plan and date. Please see Dining Services Policies for details.  

All Meal Plans are subject to Dining Services Policies. This webpage subject to change.